And Here's the Beautiful Thing

Until Soul Restoration, I was a huge worrier. I mean, it was so intense, my worries needed their own therapist. I lived in the world of “What if...?”. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there... maybe in the middle of the night, or at a vulnerable time in your life. I imagined what might happen (or not happen) in the future, and it was always the worst case scenario.

The thing is, there really is something to the “self-fulfilling prophecy “. As long as I was stuck in the gloom and doom, I was stuck in the gloom and doom. If joy had been there, I wouldn’t have seen it, anyway. And bad things did happen. And I believed they were my fault, and that I deserved them.

How does this actually happen to a person? How does someone with wonderful parents and a joyful, healthy upbringing come to believe that they are worthless?

Because, as bad things happen, even if they are not our fault, we blame ourselves. And that’s a lie! Then, if another bad thing happens, we believe we must deserve it... after all, we already believe the lie that we are a bad person who makes bad things happen. And so on. The lies build up, until the negativity consumes us. Negativity drives our choices and decisions, and the paths we create for ourselves.

Now that Soul Restoration has taught me to spot the lies, and replace them with truth, I make choices from a place of joy and hopefulness. And here’s the beautiful thing. Good things are happening. Amazing things are happening! Now that I’m open to seeing the joy, and inviting it into my life, joy is finding me! All those fears and worries I had? It turns out they were a big, painful, waste of time. The same is true for you.

If you feel undeserving of joy, or worthless, let me ask you this. Imagine 1,000 pre-schoolers, running around on a playground. Are any of them worthless? Are any of your friends worthless? Were you worthless as a toddler? At what point did you become worthless? There are 7.5 billion people on the planet... are you the only person who is worthless? Can you at least be open to the possibility that you are not worthless?

You may need to grieve the years you’ve acted differently because of believing this lie, but now there’s a way to get to the truth. To lay those worries down, to get rid of all those life-limiting lies, and to get to the truth. I can help you get there.

Once you have self-love, self-control, and self-respect, then you can go out and help others. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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