My First Soul Restoration Retreat

Last weekend was my very first Soul Restoration Retreat... my Test Retreat. The women who attended were aware of my “newbiness”, and they generously offered me both grace and constructive feedback. The whole experience was incredible!

“You are giving a monumental gift to women” --LK

It is difficult to share about the restorative power of Soul Restoration without revealing the magical parts... which I am reluctant to do, lest some of you wish to participate in the future.

What I can share is this. Six women came together last weekend as strangers, and within twenty-four hours, the love and support among them was astounding. There is something so special that happens when women come together for a common cause!

There was so much healing. We shared our stories, our hurts and our losses, and also our successes and the things we had overcome. Safety and trust in the group allowed us to process it all... to identify the lies and to put them behind us. To discover the wonderful truths about ourselves, and to begin to believe them, deep within our souls.

“Your Retreat was amazing and fabulous. Your warmth and sincerity make you the perfect facilitator for brave girls.” --LR

The women spoke of renewed hope, of feeling lighter, energized, and more joyful.

We laughed together, too. We shared meals, took walks, sat outside in the sunshine, sang songs, danced, and held profound and deeply sacred ceremonies.

There were many tears. Tears of deep sadness, tears that honored losses, tears of relief, and tears of joy. “My soul feels nourished and ignited like never before.. . You have made a tremendous difference, more than you can imagine.” --SD

One of the best surprises was how much the women enjoyed the crafting parts of the retreat. A couple of sworn non-crafters became eager crafters-to-be, and that really filled my heart. While the art projects were all therapeutic in nature, the items the women produced were pretty and unique. They took these keepsakes home with them as “tools” to help them remember what is true about them, and how powerful they really are. These and other tools will help them get through rough times in the future, as they arise.

“Seriously life changing and with the best facilitator you can have! I highly recommend it! I loved it and so proud to say I was a part of this amazing experience!” ----MR

When it was time to say goodbye, I reminded them that Brave Girls never say “goodbye”. They say “See you at lunch”. So that is what we said. In just three-and-a-half days, these souls had become sisters.

I am so thankful for these incredible women, and for the Brave Girls who created the Soul Restoration program. If you are feeling lost, or overwhelmed, or sad, or broken, or you’d like more joy, more confidence, more peace in your life... then this program is for you. Please reach out to me via text or email. I would love to chat with you.

Xoxo, Kat

(Photos shared with Permission)

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