When I was a teenager, I wanted more than anything else to fit in... to be accepted... to be like everyone else. I wore a cardboard cutout, hiding the real me from the world, and showing only the parts I thought would be favored by the popular crowd. My fears, my flaws, my quirks, my mistakes, were all tucked neatly and carefully away. I worked night and day to keep up the facade. It was exhausting.

As I grew older, I dared to peek out from behind my cardboard cutout... once in a while... but only with a few special friends, who loved me unconditionally. Even then, I was cautious about how vulnerable I could be. There were parts of me that I wouldn’t even look at myself, because I was afraid that l would see something I didn’t like. The fear of shame was so powerful, I kept parts of myself buried deep inside, far away from my critical, analytical brain.

One of the glorious things about aging, though, is the tendency to become truer to who you really are. The older I get, the less I worry about what others think, and the easier it is for me to embrace what is true about me.

Going through the process of Soul Restoration was what allowed me, finally, to drop the cardboard cutout altogether. At last, I could allow my authentic, imperfect self to shine brightly for the world to see. I could finally accept myself for who I really am... flaws and all... and be okay about letting others see me, too. What a relief!

Living in integrity with who I am has brought me self-respect, and I feel more courageous because I’m not so afraid of making mistakes. I am finally as forgiving and nonjudgmental of myself, as I have been of others. That feels good.

In a few days, I will be hosting my very first Soul Restoration Retreat. I am so excited! My greatest hope is that I will be able to witness the same kind of growth and freedom that I experienced when I went through my own Soul Restoration, and that six incredible women will drive away on Sunday evening feeling like the beautiful souls that they really are.

If you want to learn more about Soul Restoration, click on the “Events” tab, and then on “Soul Restoration”.

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