Soulbook Gathering

Last weekend, I held my very first Brave Girl event! It was a Soulbook Gathering, at my house. What is a Soulbook Gathering, you might ask? It is an opportunity for people to gather together as souls, without labels or anything else that would divide or separate them, to create an awesome, fun, beautiful, artsy book about themselves!

This is the Soulbook Kit we used.

But we also used loads of other crafty materials to enhance and embellish our books.

Soulbooks are books we create to remind ourselves of who we really are. Things we

may already know about ourselves, deep-down, but that we sometimes forget when we're going through a rough patch, or when we're feeling lost or overwhelmed... those times in our lives when we need to remember these things the most!

Here are a couple of pages from my Soulbook.

In addition to creating artsy goodness, we ate a delicious lunch provided by a wonderful caterer and all-around cool human, named Tracey Callahan ( She is also a navy veteran, and a hugger. The first time we spoke, we talked for over an hour! I could tell she was someone who would create our food with loads of love.

To give you a small idea of how fabulous the women were who came to my event, they were even game to sing along to the Brave Girl theme song, Life Uncommon, by Jewel. Or maybe they were just humoring me. Either way, it was awesome.

Creating our books was soul work that led to some real feelings... and connections made among women who didn't know each other at all before the day began. But there was also loads of laughter, and stories that will forever stay in the group. A Brave Girl never shares what happens at a Brave event!

Look at how beautiful and diverse these book covers are! Each one reflects the person who made it... I love that! We've already decided to get together again, to do more soul work and share more beautiful connection.

Soulbook Gatherings are happening ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! If you are interested in joining a group, or making a book on your own, with the support and encouragement of the online community, check out "The Soulbook Gathering Experience" on Facebook, or go to and join Brave Girls University for FREE for one month using my coupon code, katherinecosimano. Soulbook Gatherings are always free, and you can use your own materials instead of purchasing the kit, if you choose.

I continue to search for a retreat location that will be comfortable, beautiful, and will accommodate groups of women for 3-day Soul Restoration Retreats, and other day-long workshops. I've got some leads. I am bursting with the energy to get going, and to be part of a process that helps women heal.

Remember, you are so loved.

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