Life Inspired: Retreats for the Soul will now be offering Soul School!  Soul School will be a series of artsy/therapeutic workshops developed by The Brave Girls Club, and held in a beautiful clubhouse in Port Saint Lucie (Tradition), Florida. These workshops will be packed full of soulful wisdom, crafty goodness, and loads of fun. All materials will be provided, so all you need to do is pre-register and show up!


Classes will be conducted on Saturdays from 10 am - 1pm, on the third Saturday of each month.  Each month's class will have a topic that is unique and fresh. A description of each course can be found, below. Please go to our "Register Online" tab to see the date and fees for each class.

Soul School Workshops will take place at this beautiful location in Tradition, Florida

11011 SW Joseph Lane

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34987

Go Where the Peace Is

We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices. In this enlightening and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small, through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.


We will be creating beautiful, creative tools to take home and use on a daily basis. We will create a personal and artsy deck of cards that can be put on a ring or made into a small book, each card with a decision making question and the affirmation that goes with it.


This course can also be done as an art journal, each page with a question and affirmation and art that corresponds with it.

Topics: boundaries,decision making, friendship, happiness, healing the past, love, peace

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging, journaling, mixed media

Being True to Being You

This lesson is about really seeing yourself, right now.  Looking at who you are, RIGHT NOW, who you always have been, as well as who you have become.  This lesson is about acknowledging and accepting and LOVING all of the parts of you RIGHT NOW, wherever you find yourself on your journey. We will never find ourselves by looking at others.  We will only find ourselves by quietly, patiently, lovingly, and mercifully looking and listening to ourselves and our deepest truth.  It is so worth the work to be able to live with such authenticity.  The greatest freedom comes when we finally take total and complete responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and who we were meant to become.  Taking time to remember, restore, and work towards our truest selves will bring great rewards to our lives and to the lives all all those we love.  To be a woman who knows who she is, and who walks confidently in that truth is the greatest gift we can give to others.  Please be you.

Topics: authenticity, happiness, individuality, self-love

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging

Flying Free

This lesson is all about claiming the truths of our freedom, and exposing the lies that put walls around what is ours to claim.  We are meant for using and enjoying the exquisite gift of choice.  We are meant for freedom and power and new beginnings and do-overs and the beautiful flights of our souls.  We are meant for it... all of us.  It does not feel good when we feel like our choices have been taken away, or we are not making decisions from from our own deepest truth.  It does not feel good when we draw tight constraints for how much love, joy, and goodness we are allowed to experience in our lives. It does not feel good to be enslaved by anything... it does not feel good because it is so offensive to our highest selves, our souls.  We are all meant to live in freedom of spirit, of thought, of heart.  Let's take some time to really explore what may be holding us back or keeping us trapped.  Let's all fly free together... then let's help each other along the way whenever and however we can.

Topics: bravery, decision-making, happiness, healing the past, overcoming, peace, restoration, starting over

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging

Let it Go, Let it Fall, Let it Be

There are so many things that make our lives so much heavier and more stressful and more painful than life ever has to be... than life was ever MEANT to be.  We hold onto things that were never meant to be held onto.  As human beings, we have the choice to hold on or to let go of our experiences, our thoughts, our habits.  In nature, we see that plants and animals naturally let go at different seasons... the way a tree loses it's leaves and then grow new ones that turn colors and then fall away again year after year.  The tree doesn't have a choice about this matter... the tree lets it go when it is time to let it go.  Sometimes we have to let things fall away that we wanted to stay put.  When we let life be, and find joy in all of it... our suffering will decrease and our joy will increase.  

Topics Include: decision-making, forgiveness, happiness, healing the past, overcoming, restoration, starting over.

Techniques Taught/Used: art journaling, collaging, journaling, mixed media

Life is Beautiful

Hear me out, okay?  Life is beautiful.  If it sounds trite or Pollyanna-ish, know that I say it from a life of triumphs and failures, births and deaths, unconditional love, betrayals, unfairness, health struggles, miracles, and all the peaks and valleys in between.  This lesson isn't about faking a smile, or thinking happy thoughts... it is about real life... the real life we live every day.

Topics: authenticity, beauty, forgiveness, gratitude, individuality

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, collaging

I Am Still Becoming

Every day, we are becoming more of who we are.  Our physical bodies age as they get older... but our true self becomes stronger, wiser, more pure, and more authentic.  We grow into our potential... we grow into our wisdom... we become who we were always meant to become.  We become more of who we are.  

Topcs: authenticity, bravery, happiness, individuality, self-love, starting over

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, art journaling, collaging, mixed media

Live a Brave Life

Do you want to live a life of bravery, even though you are afraid, uncomfortable, or not sure of the next step?  Being brave does not mean you are never afraid... being brave means that you keep doing the right things for your life even though you are afraid, uncomfortable, or not feeling completely ready.  We can all be brave today.

Topics: boundaries, bravery, decision-making, goals, self-love

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging, journaling

Love Even More

In this course, we will be exploring LOVE... a completely overused word, but one that we need to understand.  We will talk about what love really is, how to create love, and how to feel love.  We will especially explore how to experience love without waiting around for someone else to love us the way we need to be loved.

Topics: friendship, happiness, love, relationships

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, collaging

Begin Again

Every day, every moment, we get a chance to start over.  It's one of the most beautiful parts of life.  That's what we'll be discussing in this lesson of Soul School.  Every day is Day One!

Topics: bravery, forgiveness, healing the past, overcoming, starting over

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, art journaling, book making, collaging

Choose Happy

Has happiness been a hard thing to come by in your life?  When we spend our lives searching for happiness, we are often left feeling unsatisfied and jaded.  Instead, we can choose to make choices that lead to happiness.  Waiting for happiness leaves us feeling powerless, while CHOOSING happiness comes from a place of personal power.

Topics: decision-making, goals, happiness, self-care

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging

Bloom Your Own Way

Every person ever born has a different combination of gifts, desires, personality traits, weaknesses, strengths, and purpose.  What a beautiful world, with all of this diversity!  When we choose to bloom into exactly the soul that we are... not only is life more peaceful and easy... life is more beautiful.

Topics: authenticity, happiness, individuality, self-care, self-love

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging, journaling

You Are Enough

It seems to be epidemic in our culture for us to constantly be feeling like we have not done enough... or that we are not good enough or smart enough or beautiful enough.  Even when we try to challenge this belief... the question comes up... "How do I know if I have done enough today?"  In this class, you will learn that you are enough.

Topics: authenticity, gratitude, love, peace, self-love

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, mixed media

I Have An Idea Canvas

You are full of beautiful, amazing, fantastic ideas, and I hope that when you finish this canvas, that it will be a reminder to you that when you do have an idea... the world needs your idea.

Topics: authenticity, bravery, goals, happiness

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging, painting, sign making

I Can and I Will

This course will remind you of the many things you can choose TODAY... actions that you don't have to wait for... actions that will move you forward into your purpose.  This is a toolkit for bravely realizing just what we are capable of.

Topics: authenticity, boundaries, bravery, goals, individuality

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, art journaling, collaging

Everyday Gratitude

Psychologists, philosophers, religious figures, and other wise people have all pointed towards one path that inevitably leads to happiness: gratitude.  The way to JOY and PEACE in our soul... the way to happiness... is to simply look around and be grateful.  It may sound too simple to be true, and simple it is!  It is not easy, though.  Gratitude is practice, a habit, and a way of living.

Topics: friendship, gratitude, happiness, love

Techniques Taught/Used: collaging, mixed media

Be Your Own Hero

This is a course about embracing the beautiful power you have to choose, to take responsibility, and to keep writing your story.

Topics: decision-making, goals, overcoming, responsibility

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, art journaling, mixed media

Protect Your Peace

When you ask yourself, "What do I really want in life?", you will likely find that all of the answers trace back to one common theme... seeking a sense of peace.  Our souls crave this feeling so strongly... and yet, it is increasingly difficult to find in this world. This course will offer strategies to help you find your peace... and to keep it.

Topics: boundaries, decision-making, friendship, happiness, self care

Techniques Taught/Used: journaling, collaging

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